Помощь по Топ-100

Помощь по Топ-100

Печать Regulation on Rambler/Top 100 Services


1. Terms and Definitions

2. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

2.1. Rights and Obligations of the Service Owner

2.2. Rights and Obligations of the Resource Owner

3. Terms of Service

3.1. Rating

3.2. Statistics

3.3. Recommendations functions

3.4. Resource Registration

3.5. Changes in material data

3.6. Use of Rambler/Top 100 Counter

3.7. Requirements for Rating Participant Resources

3.8. Service Denial

3.9. Resource Metadata Change Procedure

3.10. Regulation Violation

4. Service User Support

5. Service Legal basis



This Regulation defines the rights and obligations of Rambler/Top-100 Service Owner (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") and the persons using this Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Users"), as well as the Service terms.

The Service shall be provided free of charge.

The Service address on the Internet is http://top100.rambler.ru.


1. Terms and Definitions

Regulation shall mean this document which establishes a system of rules for the Service use and participation in it.

Regulation Acceptance shall mean full acceptance of the Regulation terms. Any use of the Service shall mean an unconditional acceptance of the Regulation.

Service shall mean a set of services and software solutions to collect statistics of resource visits on the Internet, resource rating formation on the basis of their attendance with navigation tools and search for resources in the rating, generating user recommendations on the Resource, and formation of statistical reports of resource attendance.

Service Owner shall mean Rambler Internet Holding LLC, which has the exclusive right to use the Service.

User shall mean an individual using the Service.

Account shall mean the account of the user registered in accordance with the Rules for Using Rambler Projects and Services Use: https://help.rambler.ru/top100/top100-legal-eng/1848/.

Resource Owner shall mean the person responsible for the Resource provision to the Users and reliable indication of its Meta and other data in the Service.

Website shall mean a logically single set of HTML pages.

Resource shall mean a logically single set of HTML pages registered in the Service, with the same installed Counter and a single set of metadata.

Metadata shall mean a set of data describing the Resource used by the Service to organize search and navigation in the Rating. The Metadata includes the following fields:

  • Home page address;
  • Name; 
  • Keywords; 
  • Subject;
  • Type;
  • Geography;
  • Exceptions;
  • Counter type and colour; 
  • Sign of the Rating participation; 
  • Visibility of statistical reports; and
  • Counter number.

Counter shall mean a software product designed to collect data on the Resource visits.

Counter Number shall mean the Resource unique identifier being a part of the Resource metadata.

Counter Widget shall mean a Counter graphic element with the Service logo, specified in the Counter Code and displayed on the website pages.

Participant Resource shall mean a Resource registered in the Service and using the Rating Participation Service.

Rating shall mean a Service subsystem that provides search and navigation tools for a subset of the Participant Resources.

Resource Home Page shall mean a resource page marked in metadata as a website address (URL) and represented in the Service Rating as an entry point to the Resource.

Resource Content shall mean all information presented on the resource pages.

Resource Registration shall mean user actions aimed at creating Meta and other Resource data in the Service.

Moderation shall mean the process of Resource check for compliance with the Service rules. It is carried out by the Service administration.

Redirect shall mean an automatic redirection of the user from one web address to another.

Pop-up and pop-under technologies shall mean a form of providing the user with information (usually of an advertising nature) through the automatic opening of an additional window in the browser on top of other windows (pop-up) or below them (pop-under).

Doorway shall mean a website or web page consisting of keywords focused on a specific search query and aimed at occupying a high position in the queries results by search engines. The transition to the doorway is accompanied by a redirect to the resource promoted with the help of the doorway.

Link Farm shall mean a website or web page created to increase the citation index of third party websites by placing a large number of references to them and do not have any useful content.

Autosurfing shall mean a system of automatic page viewing, in which the transition from page to page is carried out without the user's participation.


2. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

2.1. Rights and Obligations of the Service Owner

2.1.1. The Service Owner undertakes to provide an opportunity to Register Resources in the Service.

2.1.2. The Service Owner undertakes to provide users with the ability to search for the Participant Resources, using the recommendation functions in accordance with Clause 3.3, view certain statistical reports (see Clause 3.2.2) of the Participant Resources to the Users, as well as view all statistics to the Resource Owners and the Users having appropriate access.

2.1.3. The Service Owner has the right to temporarily, for a period of up to three (3) months, suspend the provision of all or parts of the Service to the Resource Owners to evaluate the Resource content and analyse its statistics with the corresponding notification of the Resource Owner to the email address specified in the Account.

2.1.4. The Service Owner has the right to exclude from the Rating the Participant Resources, and also change the Participant Resource Metadata for the purpose of (1) implementation of the rating editorial policy and (2) prevention of cases when the Resource Owners provide inaccurate information about the Participant Resource or the presence of inaccurate or violating the current legislation of the Russian Federation, rights and legitimate interests of third parties, as well as moral standards of the Resources content.

2.1.5. The Service Owner has the right not to give explanations concerning the terms of services or sanctions applied by the Service Owner in relation to the Resources of the Resource Owner.

2.1.6. The Service Owner reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the Service provision without giving reasons.

2.1.7. The Service Owner shall not be responsible for:

  • compliance of the Resources content with the current legislation, standards of morality and ethics, as well as network hardware and software standards and protocols;
  • for the content and validity of the Participant Resource Metadata;
  • for the performance of the Participant Resources;
  • temporary failures and interruptions in the Service;
  • non-performance of obligations due to force majeure. Force majeure circumstances are understood as force majeure circumstances beyond the control of the Service Owner, including: war, strike, uprising, any other social conflicts and unrest; actions of public authorities, adverse weather conditions, fire, flood, earthquake and other natural disasters; blackout, power failures, malware, as well as information distortion on the Service as a result of the third parties activities and any other similar events, the occurrence of which can not be predicted and prevented by reasonable measures;
  • possible inconsistency of any information posted on the Service with the User expectations;
  • any direct or indirect damage, loss of profits, even if it was a result of the use or inability to use the Service;
  • ways and consequences of the use by third parties of information posted within the Service; and
  • reliability, quality and speed of Service and safety of the placed information.

2.1.8. The Resource Owner represents and warrants that they have the legal capacity necessary to use the Service.

2.1.9. The Service Owner has the right to carry out advertising activities on the Service.

2.1.10. The Service Owner has the right to send information related to the Service by e-mail to the Resources Owners.

2.1.11. The Service Owner reserves the right to change this Regulation. The latest version of the Rules is available at http://help.rambler.ru/legal.


2.2. Rights and Obligations of the Resource Owner

2.2.1. The Resource Owner is responsible for the accuracy and compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation of the Resources content and Metadata, as well as for violation of the rights and legitimate interests of third parties related to the Resources content and Metadata. 

2.2.2. The Resource Owner has the right to change the Resource Metadata, except for the address of the Resource Home Page and the Counter Number.

2.2.3. After a successful moderation, the ability to independently modify the following Metadata is blocked:

  • Name;
  • Keywords;
  • Subject;
  • Type; and
  • Regions (geography).

The User has the right to offer the Service administration options for their change by sending a request to the Service help desk from My Websites page.

2.2.4. The Resource Owner has the right to grant access to its Resources to any other User registered in Rambler ID. Responsibility for any actions (inaction) of the User who gained access to the Resource is fully borne by the Resource Owner, including responsibility to the Service Owner, third parties, as well as responsibility for damage caused to the Resource Owner.

The user who has received full access to the Resource, acquires the ability to edit the Resource Metadata (subject to Clauses 2.2.2. 2.2.3. of the Regulation);

A user with partial access can view all the statistical reports available to the Resource Owner.

2.2.5. The Resource Owner has the right to remove the Resource from the Service. In this case, the Service stops collecting statistical data and the Resource stops participating in the Rating.

2.2.6. The Resource Owner has the right to request clarifications from the Service Owner regarding the Service terms or sanctions applied by the Service Owner to the Resources of the Resource Owner.


3. Terms of Service

3.1. Rating

3.1.1. The Rating is available to all the Service users.

3.1.2. The Rating allows the Users to view Metadata and certain statistical reports (see Clause 3.2.2 of the Regulation) of the Participant Resources.

3.1.3. The Rating provides the Users with navigation and search tools for the Participant Resources.

3.1.4. By default, the Participant Resources are displayed in the Rating in descending order of the unique visitors number.

3.1.5. When viewing the Participant Resource statistics, the Users are able to change the order in which the Participant Resources are provided according to the rule that the User selects.

3.1.6. Any Resource that meets the requirements for the Participant Resources (see Clause 3.6 of the Regulation) can become the Rating Participant Resource.

3.1.7. If two or more Participant Resources belong to the same website and fall into the same category, only one Participant Resource with the highest popularity Index will be displayed in the Rating.

3.1.8. If the Service has several registered Resources which present language versions of the same Website, only one will be added to the Rating (preference will be given to the Russian language).


3.2. Statistics

3.2.1. Visits statistics provided to all Resources provided that the Counter is placed on the Resource pages (see Clause 3.6 of the Regulation).

3.2.2. If the Resource Owner has selected "Available to all" statistics display option, unauthorized Users and Users without access rights can only view "Attendance" (Visitors, Visits, Views), "Popularity" (Popularity) and "Today" reports.

3.2.3. If the Resource Owner has selected "Closed" statistics display option in the Personal account, the catalogue pages shall display:

  • number of visitors in the last period: day (yesterday), week (last full week) and month (last full month);
  • number of views in the last period: day (yesterday), week (last full week) and month (last full month); and 
  • Popularity report.

3.2.4. The Service shall provide the Users with global statistics containing aggregated statistics of all Resources.


3.3 Recommendations Functions

3.3.1. The Service provides functions that generate recommendations for the Resources users ("Recommendations"). Recommendations functionality are available for all the Service Users.

3.3.2. Recommendations are generated automatically according to the categories of goods, work, services or content available on the Resource ("Recommendation Objects") and are displayed to the Resource users when viewing information about the Recommendation Objects.

3.3.3. The Service User undertakes to provide up-to-date and reliable Data on the Recommendation Objects necessary for the use of the corresponding function.

3.3.4. The Resource Owner is responsible for the accuracy and compliance of the Recommendation Objects, with the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as for violation of the rights and legitimate interests of the Resources users and other third parties associated with the provision of Recommendation Objects through the Resource.

3.3.5. Using the Recommendations functionality, the User understands and accepts that Recommendations are provided automatically "as is" based on the data provided by the User. The Service Owner does not guarantee that the Recommendations will meet the User expectations.

3.4. Resource Registration

3.4.1. Any User who has registered an Account can add a Resource to the Service. After adding a Resource, such User acquires the status of the Resource Owner.

3.4.2. To add a Resource, the User shall fill in the “Website Home Page Address” and “Website Name” fields. The remaining fields are optional.

3.4.3. Upon registration completion, the Resource is assigned a unique identifier which is the Counter Number.

3.4.4. The Resource Owner cannot change the address of the Resource Home Page Address.

3.4.5. To change the Resource Home Page Address, it is necessary to use the Material Data Change Procedure (Clause 3.5  of the Regulations).

3.4.6. If no user visits have been recorded for a Resource within Nine (9) calendar days, the Resource is assigned the status "Deleted" (see Clause 2.2.5 of the Regulation). In this case, the service Owner notifies the Resource Owner by e-mail about the possible removal of the Resource after three (3) days, during which no visits were registered.


3.5. Changes in Material Data

3.5.1. In cases where the Resource Owner needs to change the address of the Resource Home Page Address, Meta or other Resource data, the Resource Owner shall send a request to the Service Owner by mail to make the required changes to the data. The request shall be signed and endorsed by an authorized person, contain the Counter Number or the Resource Home Page Address. The request should be sent to the address: 9 bld. 1, Varshavskoe Shosse, Moscow, 117105, Business Center (BC) “Danilovskaya Manufaktura”, “Ryadi Soldatenkova” Rambler Internet Holding LLC, attention of Rambler/Top-100 Head.

3.5.2. Essential data can be changed by the Service Owner under the electronic application of the Resource Owner. In this case, the Resource Owner shall add a line containing the Request date in the source code of the Resource Home Page before the closing </body> tag:

<! - Request to change registration data. Request date -> and send an application containing information about the necessary changes to the support the Service help desk.

3.5.3. The Service Owner has the right to e-mail the Resource Owner a request for additional information/documentation confirming the Resource Owner authority to perform the actions specified in Clauses 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 of the Regulation.

3.5.4. Changes will be made by the Service administration within Three (3) business days from the receipt date of the request sent in the manner prescribed by Clause 3.5.1 of the Regulation.


3.6. Use of Rambler/Top 100 Counter

3.6.1. The Counter is designed to collect statistics of Resource attendance and should be installed by the Resource Owner on all Resource pages, the visit statistics of which should be recorded in the Service.

3.6.2. Each registered Resource is assigned an individual Counter Number.

3.6.3. The Resource Owner can choose how to display the counter on the Resource: visible (Widget) or invisible (pixel). Also, the Resource Owner has the ability to choose the Widget colour scheme.

3.6.4. The Counter type is selected at the Resource Registration. You can change the Counter type and Widget colour scheme at any time.

3.6.5. The counter code for installation on Resource pages is available to the Resource Owner immediately after the Resource Registration.

3.6.6. Within three (3) business days after the Resource registration, the Resource Owner shall independently place the Service Counter code on the Resource pages.

3.6.7. Installation of multiple instances of the same Counter code on one page shall not be allowed.

3.6.8. It is allowed to install several Counter codes belonging to different Resources on one page.

3.6.9. For the Participant Resources, the requirements for the counters installation set out in Clause 3.7 shall be met.


3.7. Requirements for Rating Participant Resources

3.7.1. The requirements of this Clause apply only to the Rating Participant Resources.

3.7.2. The Resource can participate in the Rating if the Resource Owner has checked the "Rating Participation" option.

3.7.3. The Resource starts to participate in the Rating after it is checked for compliance with these requirements and the rating editorial policy.

3.7.4. The Resource Owner can include or exclude a Resource from participation in the Rating at any time.

3.7.5. The metadata of the Participant Resource shall contain:

  • Resource URL
  • Resource name;
  • Resource keywords; and
  • Resource subject.

3.7.6. The Participant Resource shall represent a logical set of pages. Criteria of logical unity can be pages belonging to a single address space, a single person. In controversial situations, the definition of logical unity is carried out by the Service administration.

3.7.7. Resources representing one page of the website can not participate in Rating if there are other pages of this website.

3.7.8. Rating Participation for the Resources that partially or completely duplicate the content of other Participant Resources shall not be allowed. In this case, duplication is not only a direct and literal coincidence of the information presented, but also a general coincidence in meaning.

3.7.9. Simultaneous Participation in the Rating shall not be allowed for several Resources that represent the services of one company; Resources that have the same contact information; promotional pages of the Participant Resources; Websites of regional representative offices of the Participant Resources. The Rating will include a Resource that corresponds to the Website Home Page, or a Website that provides the most complete information about the company. In controversial cases, the decision is made by the Service administration.

3.7.10. The content of the Participant Resource and its Metadata shall be reliable, comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation and not violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties.

3.7.11. In case of non-compliance of metadata with the content or these requirements, the Service administration has the right to change the metadata of the Participant Resource.

3.7.12. Resources containing links that are misleading with respect to material provided by reference are not allowed in the Rating.

3.7.13. Resources that use or promote technologies for performing automatic actions when viewing a Resource by the User without intentional and explicit activation of such actions by the User with the exception of the unconditional one-time permanent redirect on the server side (server response 301 or 302) performed within the same second level domain are not allowed in the Rating.

3.7.14. The Participant Resources that contain information only in a foreign language shall specify a geographic classifier value in the Metadata that corresponds to the Resource language.

3.7.15. Text fields of the Participant Resources Metadata shall be filled in in Russian. From non-Russian-language expressions, it is permissible to use proper names (for example, company names), common abbreviations (DVD, SEO, etc.) and other expressions traditionally used in Russian without translation.

3.7.16. In the text fields of Metadata of the Participant Resources, it shall not be allowed to use capital letters, which do not correspond to the rules of the Russian language. The prohibition does not apply to cases where capital letters are an integral part of the trademark or an abbreviation.

3.7.17. Non-standard characters ($, #, etc.) are not allowed in Metadata text fields of the Participant Resources, unless they directly reflect the page subject (for example, $ for a page about currency rates) or are used in a corporate style.

3.7.18. The use of superlative adjectives is prohibited in Metadata text fields of the Participant Resources. Use of profanity is prohibited.

3.7.19. The Counter Code shall be installed on the Resource page, the URL of which is specified in the Resource registration data.

3.7.20. If the Resource Owner chooses a visible Counter, the Service widget shall be visible to visitors on all pages of the Participant Resource with the Counter code set. The Service Counter appearance shall conform to the established pattern.

3.7.21. The Participant Resource pages should not contain Counter Codes for other member Resources. The exception is granted to the Participant Resources that are providers of services for creating personal user pages, and the Participant Resources that are personal pages created in such services. In this case, the service provider's Counter code and the personal page Counter code can be set on the one page at the same time.

3.7.22. Counter code modification shall not be allowed.

3.7.23. Any other fraud of the Resource Owners not provided for in this Regulation and aimed at deliberately increasing the statistical indicators of the Participant Resource in the Service are prohibited. Evaluation of the fair practice of these actions of the Resources Owners is made by the Service Owner themselves.


3.8. Service Denial

3.8.1. Refusal to provide services is carried out for any of the following reasons.

3.8.2. The Resource content violates the legislation of the Russian Federation, the rights and legitimate interests of third parties.

3.8.3. The Resource content damages health, moral and spiritual development of minors or violates generally accepted norms of morality.

3.8.4. The Resource pages display pornographic materials.

3.8.5. The Resource duplicates the content of other websites. In this case, duplication is not only a direct and literal coincidence of the information presented, but also a general coincidence in meaning without the availability of fundamentally new information on the duplicating Resource.

3.8.6. The resource is a doorway, link farm, or any other artefact of black search engine optimization.

3.8.7. More than 70% of the area occupied by the content on any of the Resource pages is occupied by advertising or links to websites that are not related to the Resource or services provided on the Resource.

3.8.8. The Resource provides or promotes autosurfing services or other manipulations with the Participant Resources pages that violate this Regulation.

3.8.9. The Resource does not comply with network hardware and software standards and protocols, or its viewing leads to software malfunction of the Service Owner or the Users.

3.8.10. The User violates the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the rights or legitimate interests of third parties, or the terms of this Regulation.


3.9 Resource Metadata Change Procedure

3.9.1. In case of change in the Service Metadata structure, the Service Owner notifies by e-mail the Resources Owners whose interests are affected by the changes.

3.9.2. The Service Owner independently makes the necessary changes to the Metadata of the Rating Participant Resources.


3.10. Regulation Violation

3.10.1. In case of violations by the Resources of the requirements specified in this Regulation, the Resource participation in the Rating is suspended for a period of three (3) months. After this period, the Resource Owner has the right to resume participation in the Rating  in the Personal Account, sending a request to the help desk.

3.10.2. In case of repeated or serious violations of the Regulation, the Service Owner has the right to terminate the services provision and delete Resource data from the Service, as well as to take measures to prevent Resources re-registration.


4. Service User Support

4.1. For all questions related to the Service, information support is provided using the feedback form.

4.2. Claims related to the Service use are accepted by e-mail through the feedback form.

4.3. Anonymous or non-specific claims will not be considered.

4.4. Within ten (10) business days from the date of claim receipt, the Service Owner is obliged to state their position on the principal issues specified in the latter and send their response to the e-mail address specified in the claim.

4.5. If the user is not satisfied with the response received or does not receive it, the claim procedure is repeated using regular mail (see Clause 3.5 of the Regulation). The claim response period for the Service Owner is two (2) months.

4.6. If it is impossible to make a decision on the basis of a claim received by e-mail, the Service Owner shall, within one month from the date of receipt of the last letter in the e-mail correspondence initiated by the claim, have the right to request information by regular mail.

4.7. In the event of claims by third parties against the Service Owner related to the User actions within the Service, the User undertakes to settle these claims with third parties on its own and at its own expense, and the Service Owner reserves the right to suspend the Service provision to the User until the claims of third parties are settled.


5. Service Legal Basis

5.1. This Regulation is an integral part of the Rules for Using Projects and Services of Rambler Internet Holding LLC (https://help.rambler.ru/top100/top100-legal-eng/1848/) and the User Information Protection Regulation (https://help.rambler.ru/top100/top100-legal-eng/1847/), as well as other documents placed on https://help.rambler.ru/top100/top100-legal-eng. At that, the provisions of this Regulation shall prevail.

5.2. The Service Owner is not responsible for any damage to the Users as a result of Service use.

5.3. In case of failure to resolve disputes related to the Service use, by the claim procedure specified in Clause 4 of the Regulation, the dispute shall be considered in court in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


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