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Печать User Agreement

This agreement defines the terms on which Rambler provides Resources.

You, as the User, should carefully read the text of the agreement.

If you disagree with any of its terms, you should not use the Resources.



1.1. Rambler shall mean legal entities belonging to Rambler & Co Group and provide the Users with Resources, namely: Rambler Internet Holding LLC, Afisha Company LLC, Eda.Ru LLC, Resto-IT LLC, Lenta.Ru LLC, Rambler Group LLC, Gazeta.Ru JSC.

1.2. Resources shall mean websites, projects, services and other products on the Internet provided by Rambler and located including the following domains and their sub-domains:




















1.3. User shall mean an individual who uses the Resources and has the necessary legal capacity to enter into and execute the Agreement.

1.4. Agreement shall mean this agreement between Rambler and the User, establishing mutual rights and obligations for the Resources use.

1.5. Account shall mean the User account on the Resources created by them through Registration or Authorization.

1.6. Registration creation of an Account by registering an electronic mailbox on Rambler/Mail, including the creation of the Credentials, according to the Rambler procedure and the Rambler/Mail Rules.

1.7. Authorization shall mean creating an Account by using User Credentials on a third party resource.

1.8. Credentials shall mean a unique login (e-mail address) and password of the User created during Registration, or credentials on a third party resource used for Authorization.

1.9. Standard of use shall mean an integral part of the Agreement, containing restrictions and prohibitions imposed on the User when using the Resources.

1.10. Newsletter Rules shall mean an integral part of the Agreement, containing the conditions for providing the User with messages of information, advertising and other nature from Rambler and/or other persons.

1.11. Confidentiality Policy shall mean a document that defines the processing procedure and conditions, as well as measures to protect User data when using Resources.

1.12. Content shall mean design, graphics, images, photos, texts, articles, videos, music, songs, computer programs, databases, trademarks, logos, any other results of intellectual activity and means of individualization posted or posted on the Resources.

1.13. Key Documents shall mean jointly the Agreement, Confidentiality Policy, Standards of Use and Newsletter Rules.

1.14. Documents shall mean jointly Key Documents, agreements on the use of individual Resources and other documents posted on the Resources and/or in Rambler/Help section.



2.1. The Agreement is concluded in accordance with the rules governing the acceptance of the public offer evidenced by course of conduct.

2.2. The Agreement shall be deemed concluded from the moment of its acceptance by the User. The User access to any Resource and/or creation of an Account means that the User has fully and unconditionally accepted the terms of the Agreement. The agreement is binding on the User and Rambler from the moment of its conclusion. If the User does not agree with the Agreement, they may not use the Resources.

2.3. The relationship between Rambler and the User for the Resources provision and use is governed by Documents that are posted in the Rambler/Help section and/or on Resource Websites.

2.4. The rights and obligations associated with a particular Resource arise between the User and the Rambler legal entity providing the respective Resource. Name and details of such a legal entity are posted on the resource and/or in Rambler/Help section.

2.5. The Agreement may be amended by Rambler unilaterally and out of court. Announcement of changes and publication of the amended Agreement are made in Rambler/Help section. Using the Resources, including through the Account, after changing the Agreement, the User accepts the Agreement completely and unconditionally in the modified form.



3.1. Resources can contain functions that become available to the User after creating an Account and logging in using the Credentials.

3.2. Rambler assumes that any actions committed through the Account are considered committed by the User. Therefore, the User undertakes to:

  • monitor the confidentiality and security of the User Credentials and the data contained in the User Account;
  • do not transfer the Credentials to third parties;
  • immediately notify Rambler about unauthorized access to the Account; and
  • change the Credentials immediately or if there is reason to believe that their confidentiality may be violated.

3.3. The user is solely responsible for all actions committed through their Account.

3.4. The user has the right to delete the Account at any time using the account deletion interface.

3.5. Rambler has the right to delete the Account in case of User violation of the Agreement or other Documents.

3.6. After deleting an Account, some Resources or their individual functions may not be available for use.



4.1. By providing Resources, Rambler expects Users to respect the rights and legitimate interests of other Users and other third parties, as well as the legislation of the Russian Federation. Moreover, it is a necessary and indispensable condition for the use of Resources.

4.2. In order to comply with the above conditions of the Resources use, the User agrees to comply with the Standards of Use.

4.3. Requirements for the Content use and placement are provided in the Standards of Use. All claims related to the Content shall be submitted through the Contact Form.

4.4. The Standards of Use follow primarily from the prohibitions and restrictions provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Therefore, materials and information posted on the Resources and violating the terms of the Agreement, including the Standards of Use, may be removed, including at the request of authorized state bodies and/or reasonable request of third parties.

4.5. The user acknowledges and agrees that the Resources may contain advertising. In this case, the User has no right to place advertising and links to advertising on the Resources, unless otherwise provided by the agreement on the use of a separate Resource.

4.6. Unless otherwise provided by the Documents in respect of some Resources and/or their separate functionality, the Resources are intended for personal non-commercial use, not related to the implementation of business activities.

4.7. The user is solely responsible for all actions performed by them on the Resources, for violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the Agreement and other Documents.

4.8. The Resources are provided "as is". Rambler does not guarantee that the Resources and the results of their use will meet the User expectations. The user accepts all consequences and bears all possible risks associated with the Resources use.

4.9. Rambler is not responsible for any kind of damages resulting from the use of the Resources and/or their individual functions.

4.10. Rambler provides the User with the opportunity to receive, in connection with or as a result of the Resources use, messages of information, news, advertising or other nature from Rambler and/or its partners and/or other third parties. The terms of providing such messages are governed by the Newsletter Rules.



5.1. Relations between Rambler and the User, including those provided for in the Agreement, are governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

5.2. All disputes arising out of the Agreement and/or related to the Resources and Content may be referred to the court after the Parties have taken measures for pre-trial settlement of the dispute after thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the first claim. If the dispute is not settled in a pre-trial manner in accordance with this Clause, it may be referred to the court at the location of Rambler.

5.3. Legally significant messages to Rambler are sent to:

9 bld. 1, Varshavskoe Shosse, Moscow, 117105,

Business Center (BC)“ Danilovskaya Manufaktura”, Bldg. “Ryadi Soldatenkova”.

5.4. Under this Agreement, Rambler provides Resources free of charge, so the rules on consumer protection do not apply.

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